May 27, 2017

6 Reasons Fatherhood Matters

6 Reasons Fatherhood Matters


Fatherhood is no doubt very important, and this article will list the top 6 reasons it is so crucial!

#1 Identity IssuesSelf-conscious-emotions are not developed until the age of 2 and at this point a child can determine guilt, shame, embarrassment etc. Most children at the toddler stage start a life narrative that guides their responses to the world.

When a child is deprived of fatherhood they could later suffer from identity issues if there is lack of  growing up without a male perspective or influences!

Young ladies that are not adapted to a father presence may later develop into what we call unofficially daddy issues, which may cause future relationship problems.

#2 Emotionally more stable-According to one of the 15 traits that a father pass down to his children is stress management. Fathers tend to past mannerisms to their children without even noticing.

Fathers are more likely to be met with the pressures of the world and if a child gets adapted to a father who screams and yells at every little thing, the child will start to adopt the same behaviors without knowing why!

#3 Life Coach-Its no secret that men & woman are different in many ways, the response you may get from a mother will be slightly different then your father.

Life comes with its obstacles, at any moment the nature vs. nurture reaction will appear!

In most situations men have been documented to be more proactive then reactive.

What this means is a father will be able to dissect a situation and present a solution a lot quicker then a mother.


Father holding his newborn baby boy.

#4 The Cycle will continue-If you are a great dad, the effect will be reciprocated and your child will be an awesome parent!

#5 Able to sustain a healthy relationship-Fatherhood comes with its challenges, whether its fiances or just battling the obstacles of life.

Many fathers who are present within the household helps the child become more adapted to seeing a two parent household! In 2012 it was documented the the divorce rate was just below 50%.

Children watch every we do and mold there own ideologies based of there initial interactions to there parents.

In conclusion children will be able to sustain a healthy relationship if there parents are practicing healthy relationship habits.


#6 Confidence/Self Worth-Children will hit a rough patch around there pre-teen years, they will start experiencing different life obstacles.

The pre-teen years are also around the time where bullying will come into play, if it goes un-notice it could have a life long detrimental effect on any boy or girl, being able to have an open conversation about emotions for young men  is so very crucial.

Little child holding her father is hand while walking

Fatherhood is very important indeed and because there so few male bloggers or content creators it never gets talked about. Here at we are all about the growth of the male perspective! So definitely give us a share and follow!

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