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5 reason Every Man should have a Man Cave

5 reason Every Man should have a Man
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Although this article will not cater to woman, for my ladies that continue to read this you may read some very valid points.. A man cave is define as a room or other part of the home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a house hold. After my research i will list the top 5 reason why every man should want, have, and if it comes to it demand a man cave!

#1 Great compromise
In the modern relationship both the man and the woman wants a say so in what goes on within there house hold, but depending on the communication (or lack there of) it may be hard to determine who gets to decorate what… By allowing a man to decorate his own section of the house, he will not only be allowed to flex his decorating muscles, but the relationship will grow due to the fact both parties get a chance to see the vision of what a room should look like come full-tuition.

#2 Helps solidify who he is
When a man takes his time to decorate his man cave he will be able to tell a story about himself without even opening his mouth. Who is his favorite sports team? To where he is from will be fully displayed for his guest to see… Most men keep there own little memorabilia throughout there life time only to get a chance to re-use it as a personal decoration. This helps us men solidify our identify.

#3 Less mess around the house

Men are more messier than woman and because of this it may drive a woman crazy! Having a man cave could cut down on the cleaning, although the man cave may look like a stage 5 tornado may have hit it, its only on part of the house!

#4 Men Need Us Time!

Whether his his favorite show is ending or game 7 of the NBA finals is on, us men need our own world! This will bring great benefits to any relationship, the worse thing for a man to feel is “in the way” in his own home…

Most modern homes (if married) has rules… There’s the room you can’t sit in, the furniture you cant sit on and the place you sleep! And the kitchen but who’s counting? But where do we go?

#5 Gives You(woman) More Control Over the house

Yes! that’s what i said! When hubby is in his own world it gives you the universe this helps you keep the house cleaner longer, things more organized and more peace and quite for you! #FREEDOM


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