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Earn $5 For Your Man Cave Submission!

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You Love Money!

You! Yes You!

We know you love money, and how do we know? Who doesn’t like money!

BachelorPadDepot.com Is a company that is trying to bring Man Cave creators together as a community to share and show ideas!

In order to make this happen we of course need Man Cave Submissions! This will allow us to have the content we need, this will allow you to

cash in… You lose nothing by submitting your Man Cave Submission!


We are working towards having monthly give away, contests and and inspiration board that will help newbies!

All you have to do is click here and submit your man cave picture! We will email you when your content is posted, you will share it on 1 social media platform and email us the link to it… and within 24hours you will receive $5 for your pictures and $10 for man cave video,

All man cave submissions must be your original content!

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C’mon Gentleman Share this post and lets make this money!


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