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So What Exactly Is A Man Cave Bar? And Why You Need One!

So What Exactly Is A Man Cave Bar?


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So What Exactly Is A Man Cave Bar You Asked?

Before i answer this question let me just say that according to gallup.com 64% Of American adults have reported to drink on a occasion,and 27% of adults have reported to have had a drink  within the last 24hours!

Also keep in mind that many people believe that booze actually help build the great country of America… Mike Rowe himself even had a series named “How Booze Built America”, you can read more about that here!

So now after giving you a little history lesson behind liqueur we can proceed to answer to the obvious question. What is a Man Cave Bar?

If you are smart enough to put it together you could’ve guessed it, Yes it is a bar built within your man cave; and for all of the reason you may or not guess it… It’s worth investing in!


But Why? I could go to a bar?

You could… But that takes effort, to get out your house go waste gas and pay more money than you should just to knock a few back!

According to the Financial post, $50 is the average amount spent at a bar per person!

Also keep in mind you must deal with the loud environment, sometime rude crowd and more inportantly whose driving you home?

Well i dont have a house… I stay in an apartment!

Listen i get it some people are not at that homeowner level quite yet, and its completely fine…

A man cave bar does not have to be restricted to just a house, in fact in some cases its easier to design a small corner of your apartment than a house.

A man cave bar is safe, you can invite who you want and have game nights with the people who mean the most to you!

Drunk driving has become a huge issue in America and Canada.. This keeps everyone safer! 

The worst possible thing that could happen is you completely black out in your own home, (What Ever will we do!) and wake up sober up and talk about that drama free, safe yet fun night for years to come.

Well I like Meeting New People!

Me too i just tell a friend to bring a friend! Also when people say this “I WANT TO MEET NEW PEOPLE!”  i rarely see people go out and mingle with the crowd… Its all a very expensive front.

Here are a few realities
  • Most young woman go out to get drunk and take pictures and boost there ego’s by turning men down while trying to be a baddie in there selfies.
  • Most guys are looking for a woman to take home, and if they are successful more chances than not both men and the female are drunk and practicing unsafe sex, or worse!
  • If you are among the older crowd you hate loud music! and rather find a pillow than a hookup..
  • If your among the older crowd and you are married you two probably rather spend your time exploring new adventures that bars.
  • If you are among the older crowd and your looking for a potential significant other, Do NOT go to a bar!

So these are reason to create your own intimate crowd, A man cave bar or what ill call it for my ladies “Diva Cave Bar” will help you stay safer, and enriching your stories and memories!


I like a change of scenery

Really? You could’ve went to the zoo, the museum an art gallery, aquarium, go out to eat, a concert… And you decided to go out to a bar?

If this is truly your excuse we will agree to disagree…

Man Cave Bar
Group Of Friends Enjoying Drink At Outdoor Rooftop Bar

In Conclusion!

A Man Cave bar is made by you! Designed by you! And there to keep you safer and to save you money! And you get to wake up in your own bed! If you have a man cave bar or just a man cave in general! submit pictures here! to receive $5 right away if use in a post!

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