May 25, 2017

Small Apartment Ideas In 5 Steps

If googled “Small Apartment Ideas” you will get alot of pintrest posts without a structured guide on what really matters! In this article i will list the top 5 things that will make your small apartment beautiful.

Small Apartment
Small Apartment Ideas


Small apartments are becoming more and more of a topic. Whether you are downsizing or you just want something a bit intimate, a small apartment could provide less work without sacrificing style! You may have bounced around from a few Pintrest post feeling inspired yet lost, Pintrest helps us get inspired visually but lacks direct guidance behind the inspirational idea you saw. NO worries! we composed a list of 5 small apartment ideas. These small apartment ideas are sure to help put you on your path to a personalized beautiful pad!

#1 Get a Solid color scheme:

Many small apartment owners get an apartment and go crazy with decor, and this is the wrong thing to do! When a visitor comes to your apartment they should see a theme or pattern of colors. I’m not going to tell you what colors to choose when you do this but i will say be careful… Having cheetah prints everywhere may lead sea sickness! (I joke but im serious)…

#2 Have Small art pieces

For my guys ive written about this before and i will say it again, having art could bring cultured style to your pad… You dont need to go crazy spending money on timeless pieces but a few items that will bring the color scheme to life. This is also a chance to have a great conversational piece… (I wont explain what that is but link you to a definition)

#3 Have Great lighting

Whether you have windows or not, my focus would be more around your lamps in your small apartment… Invest in good lamps and bulbs, unless you stay on a planet where the sun dont set; at some point your natural light will expire. When your natural light leaves its up to your lamps to carry the show! At this point either your small apartment will resemble a cell from your favorite scary movie or it will glow as if you where living in the clouds… I would much rather live in the clouds.

#4 Have a real plant or two

Having real plants in your small apartment will do two things, number one it will help air quality with your apartment and number two a touch of green always has helped pull everything together… Wheter your thinking spring or money, the color green definelty plays a psychological role on us.

#5 Have a nice scent

Finally the simple one! Hopefully your place is clean, adding a nice scent will bring the life cycle to your small apartment full circle here is a article by huffpost that talks a little about what scents can do for our well being!

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