May 30, 2017 Hassan Minhaj performing "Home Coming"

Netflix Man Cave Movie Review: Hassan MinHaj

“Hassan MinHaj may just be the next best thing!”

Hassan Minhaj Home Coming

Every once in a blue moon there’s a comedy that comes out that not only engaging but funny as shit! (Excuse the language)

This movie review is about exactly that. So without no further or due…  Hassan Minaj’s “Home Coming” …



I first ran across Hassan Minhaj by while watching complex “Keys to Success” by DJ Khaled.  Mr. Hassan was accompanying Dj Khaled At this point i didn’t care who he was i was here for Mr. Khaled. by the end of the interview i noticed that Hassan wasn’t annoying but energizing and interesting!

(Fast Foward)

“Home Coming” by Hassan Minhaj is absolutely Genius, this stand up is centered around young Hassan and his journey through out life.

What i loved:

  • Stage presence- There are some comedians that don’t know how to work a stage, as a comedian if you are stagnant or have lazy posture i feel as though that will transfer to your performance. Hassan was energetic a times relaxed at times and it matched the tone of the story he was telling..
  • Connection- The minority is slowly becoming the majority and because of this the perspective of many people in the mainstream media must change. His stories where able to tie back to a very diverse audience, because at some point we’ve all dealt with racism or strict parents.
  •  Authentic- It gets to the point in some stand ups where we think the joke is funny, but the story is fabricated. Hassan Minhaj performance was absolutely fresh and authentic and because of this it very refreshing!
  • Something Different- I was born in 1990 so for me my favorite Comedians are Chris rock, Dave Chappelle, and Kevin Hart. However these guy are like distant relatives to me, i know everything about them just not personally. Hassan Minhaj for me is like meeting the new kid in class that you knew from day one that you guys where going to be inseparable.
  • Great Personality- Bottom line this guy is fun to listen to0!
  • Engaging-The way he used the back ground screens, and stage props kept me focused on the story! This is one of the first of its kind and i predict more comedians moving towards this trend


Hassan Minaj at Comedy Club


What I Hated:

  • Nothing, I thought it was really that good


In conclusion, this was a performance for the ages i really think anybody who’s anyone would love this stand up. Sign up for a Netflix Subscription! and tune in!

In my best Ebert & Roeper effort this stand up deserves a 10 out of 10 …

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