June 15, 2017 Man Cave Essentials

5 Man Cave Essentials You Need Now!

5 Man Cave Essentials You Need Now!

So your think you have all of your man cave essentials down, until BAM! Right when the big game is really getting good your stuck in a situation, what do you do?

Exactly ! Nothing! Because there nothing that you cant do at this point, However if your reading this we will help you dodge a few mistakes by giving you this golden list of the 5 man cave essentials you need now! So pay attention…


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#1 Book Full Of Your Favorite Restaurants Phone Numbers With Menu

Nothing is more frustrating then having to scramble to find the number for your favorite wing place, it would be alot easier if you just had a binder full of menus

I know millennials like to think there iPhone is gods gift to earth, but the reason its better to have this magical binder is sometimes you may not know what you want..

Having a binder full of menus almost allows you to window shop your food location, where you may not know what to eat these menus visually allow you navigate from one to another.

This is important, because Super Bowls come once a year and ill be damned if it takes me 20 mins to find something good to eat…


#2 Your Own little Miniature Bar!

I recently wrote an article about how much people love there booze! (Which you can read here), And drinking during the game go together like peanut butter & jelly…

Having your favorite liquor on stand by is a great party starter, you never want to get caught slipping when you invite a few guest over.

The event that you didn’t know you where going to have becomes that much more fun if you supply a little liquid courage, and of course you dont need people knock a few back by yourself is also fun!



#3 A Nice Surround Sound System

Listen, man cave essentials are little things that overall make your man space more comfortable… and to be completely honest, YOU CANNOT! have a man cave without a surround sound system.

Movies get intense… Video Games get intense! Sports get intense… ! Your favorite Tv show! Yup you got it, can sometime get very intense!

If i come to your man cave and there isnt a system powering your event, i will look at your man cave like a strip club without strippers… Now i dont mean to be rude but, your man cave isn’t a library…


Surround Sound System
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#4 Furniture

Im not going to deep into this topic, mainly because its common sense.

But investing in good furniture turns your man cave from a room with guy stuff there, to a room you could fall in love with…

Nice recliners¬†become your 2nd bed, and tables are important for those delicious wings…


#5 The biggest Tv you can find

Tv’s are the center piece of a man cave… With the advancement in technology 4k Tv’s are already a thing of the past.

According to CreditDonkey.com, ¬†the typical human will spend 15 years watching Tv through out there life time…

To be completely honest if you have a crappy tv you shouldn’t invite anyone in your man cave, the first impression may be your last.

You don’t need the most expensive Tv, you just need a standard 55 inch… Most believe there is no such thing as too big in terms of Tv size.

Men love Tv so much it made Investopedia.com Top 5 things men spend there money on!





In Conclusion!

Man Cave Essentials are important… Most men stick to this guideline naturally, but for my new man cave builders out there be careful.

If you plan on building your first man cave, these essentials are important….

  1. Book Full of Menus/Restaurants
  2. Get your own man cave bar
  3. Surround Sound System
  4. Furniture
  5. The Center Piece “TV”



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